Easy Detox

3 Days Easy Detox Program

  • Detox diet is all about cleansing your body of all the junk we tend to put into it.
  • Our mind and body get affected during the seasonal change. It is vital to reboot our digestive system through internal cleansing.
  • This 3-days plan is like a short break you give to your body to reset your system.
  • In this short detox plan, we mainly focus on liver, kidney, and digestive system detoxification.
  • This 3-days plan is a highly manageable and effective detox program
  • If you are ready to reset your system by clean eating, this plan is perfect for you.


Benefits Of 3 Days easy Detox Plan

  • You will feel more energetic
  • Improved Sleep quality
  • You will feel relaxed and lighter
  • Reduced acidity
  • Improved digestion
  • Kick your metabolism (for a short period)


Why Wellness By Rosh

  • Choosing the safest and the best diet plan is essential. Wellness By Rosh offers a 3-day detox plan based on Ayurvedic Philosophy that the healthy digestive system is a key to good health.
  • Our experienced health coaches will educate you about important aspects of cleansing through ayurvedic techniques.
  • In this detox program, we suggest some food that has a balancing effect on all three doshas; Vata, pitta, and Kapha.
  • We share some recipes which are easy to digest and soothing to the stomach. Since it is a 3 days plan, it is more based on simple food, cleansing teas, etc, that will help the detox process.
  • At the end of this 3 Days Program, you will feel lighter and happy.


If you have any queries about this program, please don’t hesitate to schedule a 1:1 life-changing session here.

If you would like to know more about this program kindly email us at contact@wellnessbyrosh.com

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