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It was a life-changing experience after joining Wellness By Rosh. It is a holistic way to improve someone’s health.

I was always a health-conscious person but I never knew health is far more than just eating healthy stuff. Roshan has guided me to know how to balance nutrition with emotion which has a huge impact on what to eat and whatnot.



I have been following Integrative health tips from Roshan for the last 5-6 months and have benefited from it.

I used to have gastric problems even though used to have food on time. He suggested me to eat salads before having food. After following his advice gastric tendency almost went away. Also tried his advice of drinking …



I would recommend “Wellness by Rosh” INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS program to: anyone with an autoimmune condition. Roshan is extremely dedicated and knowledgeable about the field of nutrition and it’s effects on the body.

NAME: Dhawal Singh

PLACE: London, UK

There has been quite a few significant change in my health, energy level and attitude after I started making small changes in the way I lead my life and the things I eat based on suggestions made by Roshan.

NAME: Manjul Dixit


It has been a great experience with Wellness By Rosh. Roshan is very attentive to individual needs, I found him very knowledgeable, He patiently listens and suggests the plans that are customised to meet specific needs. I am extremely satisfied.

NAME: Nirmal Bohra
Business Man


The most significant overall change I have noticed has been Chronic Gastritis issues were solved in matter of couple of months. I was suffering from it for the last 25 years. His patience with me was unavailable.

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