I have been following Integrative health tips from Roshan for the last 5-6 months and have benefited from it.

I used to have gastric problems even though used to have food on time. He suggested me to eat salads before having food. After following his advice gastric tendency almost went away. Also tried his advice of drinking water with Basil seeds , this also helped in curbing down the gastric problems.

I have an allergic bronchitis problem and usually get an asthma attack in the month of Feb & Sep. This year in the month of Feb again had allergic. Roshan suggested having probiotics will help in my case. Had probiotic for a month or so and it seems this had helped. Was even able to regularly go out for exercise in the morning which earlier I had to avoid fearing allergic issues. Hopping will fare better in the coming months (Sep-Oct) this year.

Have been following Roshan curd recipes on various different types of bacteria strains. Especially one strain L. casei Shirota with Yakult as the base and another strain B. Coagulans. I and everyone in my family really like the curd. It really helps in digestion and passing of bowels in the morning. Really I feel the probiotic curd is helping in maintaining good health.