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Wellness certainly means freedom from the debilitating, weakening effects of chronic disease. The only side effects is that one feels dynamic, energetic, alive, vital, and vibrant. From this healthy state, we can respond effectively to environmental stress, toxins, or infections, quickly returning to our previous state of health and wellness .

We support individuals, couples, families, groups, and corporates to identify, create and achieve health and vitality, the power to live, grow, know the purpose in life, and express your maximum potential as a human being.
Our’s areas of expertise are auto-immune disease, functional detox, yoga and meditation teaching,  prevention and management of lifestyle disease by combining clinical & integrative nutrition and lifestyle modifications.
We work hand in hand along with doctors, nutritionists, therapists, trainers, and other health care practitioners.
We believe that “Optimal health” is achieved by the collaborative discovery of client health priorities, inner strength, motivation, goals, providing guidance and tools to empower them.  The core principle is to have balance in nutrition, physical health, relationship, social life, spirituality, and happiness.

“Wellness by Rosh” team is on a mission to guide and empower clients to live a sustainable life of optimal health and wellness and to experience real joy.”

Wellness Services

Areas of expertise

  • Child wellness
  • Optimal wellness
  • Senior wellness
  • Women wellness
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Emotional eating disorder
  • GUT health
  • Hormonal health
  • Functional detox programs
  • Stress Management
  • Prevention and management of Lifestyle disease
  • Support in physical activity, Hatha yoga, resistance training

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Roshan Kumar Singh

Roshan Kumar Singh is a founder of “Wellness By Rosh” to create ripple effects of health and wellness around the world.  A certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from “The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, USA” and Certified International Health Coach (CIHC) certified by IAHC (International Health Coach Association) having specialization in plant-based diets, gluten-free diet, GUT microbiome, Hormone health, Emotional Eating and Psychology, Functional Medicine, Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst, Clinical nutrition background and 200 RYT Hatha Yoga Teacher.

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