Spread the Wellness
Certified Naturopath and Integrative Nutrition & Gut Health Wellness Coach.

Adity Sharma

“Every Human Being is the author of his own health or disease” Buddha

 Being an Electronics engineer, I worked in this profession for six years later on I got influenced by healthy eating and lifestyle change because of my health issues and weight loss. I transformed my career in holistic healing by studying Naturopathy. Where I studied that cause of every disease is an accumulation of toxins and waste in our body. Although nature keeps extracting toxins out of the body, they get collected when detoxification is less than accumulation. But my hunger for knowledge in this area was increasing. I was looking for a better way to fulfil my mission to help people live their healthiest and happiest lives. Then I joined the Institute of Integrative Nutrition the largest institute in the world for further education. Where I transformed my life by 360deg not in eating habits but in other areas like how our health is affected by sleep, relationship, finances, stress and emotions etc.

I myself had a digestive issue which I healed through lifestyle change and my food habits. Weight loss was the side benefit of healthy eating. When it comes to diet, lifestyle and what works for you won’t necessarily work for your family members.” One person’s food is another person’s poison”. There is no one size fit for all.

Health is truly our greatest wealth because it enables us to experience life with more joy and longevity. In adopting a conscious and active lifestyle, everything changes! We are here to make this knowledge more accessible than ever by empowering you with the necessary tools to unleash your best self.

Soon, that desire to heal me became a desire to heal others.

In my spare time, I spend my precious time with my dog and my family. I also enjoy cooking and serving different dishes to my family. My personal fitness routine includes yoga, strength and muscle-building exercises. I enjoy morning walks too.