Optimal Wellness

Wellness By Rosh, introduced an effective and personalized liver detox program, that will help your optimal health and boost the efficiency.

  • HEALTHY DIET: Balanced, microbiome, four seasons and anti-inflammatory diet
  • HEALTHY BODY WEIGHT: No observable central adiposity
  • HEALTHY SKIN: Color, tone, texture, free of lesions, abnormal moles, itching, pain
  • HEALTHY EMOTIONS: Caring, social connectedness, relationships, purpose in life, self-esteem, community/ family
  • HEALTHY PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTION: Including blood glucose management and stable insulin blood levels
  • HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM: Infrequent illness, illness only of mild nature with quick recovery, absence of chronic disease, absence of allergies
  • HEALTHY MOVEMENT: Adequate energy and ability to exercise, run, jump, play, and lift appropriate weight, no pain
  • HEALTHY MUSCULOSKELETAL: Strong grip, strong muscles for walking and running, no aches and pain, no broken bones or sprains
  • HEALTHY GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM: 2–3 bowel movement per day, good digestion, no flatulence
  • LONGEVITY to >100 years old with high-quality function and life

Optimal Health Program

  • People are half-educated about lifestyle disease and their prevention, and the half-knowledge of anything can be dangerous and can end up with serious health issues.
  • It is essential to know what non-communicable diseases are, and how lifestyle change can play a crucial role in preventing them.
  • We perform a detailed evaluation of the blood marker report to check all health parameters.
  • Our approach is to identify the symptoms and eliminate the root cause of the problem, which will help in reducing the recurrence of the disease.
  • In Wellness By Rosh, we offer a wide range of programs you can choose as per your need, where our experienced and expert lifestyle coaches will guide you about healthy lifestyle and food habits through live sessions.
  • We recommend effective, simple, doable lifestyle changes which can make a huge difference in your well-being.
  • Our lifestyle coaches will help you make a sustainable routine that you can stick to and follow.
  • This program educated you about healthy and clean eating, exercise, physical training, mental well-being, and a healthy lifestyle effect on each internal organ and its health.


What This Program Include

  • A 1:1 personal appointment (once in 15 days/ per your chosen plan) will include discussing your health history, progress, and health goals, and recommendations with a complete set of notes.
  • You will learn the importance of healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes.
  • A complete meal plan, including pantry and recipe preparations, as per your selected plan and health condition.
  • We share various hand-outs, recipes, research paper links related to health and wellness to support you throughout
  • We guide you with detailed information about health supplements to support health.
  • We will provide videos about nutrition, a healthy balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • We provide WhatsApp text and email support for queries related to the program.

If you have any queries about this program, please don’t hesitate to schedule a 1:1 life-changing session here.

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