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An informative Program about Diabetes type-2 and Prediabetes awareness

Register for the online session over the weekend training led by our, Certified Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach, Roshan Kumar Singh. Program Highlights

Program Highlights

  • Research-based understanding about diabetes type-2
  • Awareness and prevention methodology
  • Understand the relation between diet and diabetes
  • Ways to boost energy through nutrition and lifestyle change
  • Botanical and herbal support to regulate blood sugar levels

Who Should Enroll In This Program?

This program is specially designed for

  • People who are diagnosed with Diabetes type-2 (Diabetes mellitus).
  • A person, who are struggling with Pre-diabetes conditions, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome
  • A person who is struggling with obesity, fatigue, frequent hunger, tingling in hands & feet and doesn’t know the reason behind these symptoms.
  • If you are frequently facing sleep deprivation, this may put you at risk of getting diabetes in near future.
  • A Person, who is on medications and want to descale the medications (under Dr. guidance)
  • If your HbA1c is above than 5% (> 5%)
  • If your fasting blood sugar level is more than 90 mg/dl, and fasting insulin is more than 4mU/l.

What Can You Expect From this Program?

  • A complete understanding of Diabetes mellitus, Pre-diabetes, and Insulin resistance
  • We will provide a healthy lifestyle-based routine program that is easy to follow
  • You will learn, how a healthy diet and the right choice of food can help to balance hormone
  • Physical activity, and the connection of mind, body & soul.
  • We guide you with detailed information about health supplements to support optimal health.
  • Efficacy of various botanicals, nutrition and lifestyle impact and success rate on HbA1c.
  • An interactive and question & answer session with the health coach.

Program Overview

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