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History :

Lactobacillus reuteri belongs to diverse community of commensal bacteria (microbiota) and constitutes a stable member of the human microbiome. This is named after Gerhard Reuter, a German microbiologist.

  1. Induce a glow of health, radiant skin and thick lustrous hair
  2. Improve skin youthfulness, increases collagen & reduces wrinkles
  3. Regulate hormone oxytocin and immune responses and thereby in wound healing, mental health
  4. Helps in constipation as it increases bowel frequency
  5. Infant colic, acid reflux and acute gastroenteritis in children
  6. Improve bone health, prevention of osteoporosis as it increased Vit D3 absorption
  7. Effective in pain management
  8. Produces GUT Serotonin, reduces stress and depression
  9. Suppress release of pro-inflammatory cytokines thereby helps in reducing R.A inflammation
  10. Reduces severity of Atopic dermatitis (eczema) also in children
  11. Reduce hypertension as it lowers blood pressure
  12. Prevent diet based obesity as it modulates the metabolic syndrome
  13. Suppress H.Pylori & C.difficile and protects against intestinal infections
  14. Reduce Insulin resistance and help in elimination of Type 2 Diabetics
  15. Increase testosterone levels in men
  16. Helpful in GUT issues like SIBO, Candida, IBS and IBD
  17. Support Thyroid health by increasing T3 and T4 levels
  18. Able to produce different types of vitamins, including vitamin B12 (cobalamin) and B9 (folate)
  19. Enhance oral health
  20. Up-regulate the ‘feel good’ hormone oxytocin

Strain : Lactobacillus reuteri ATCC PTA 6475 with the DSM 17938 strain

Starter used : BioGaia Gastrus

List of ingredients as below:

  • 1 Litre of A2 whole milk pasteurised
  • 2 tbsp prebiotic fibre ( Organic Inulin powder from NOW) (Organic unmodified potato starch can be also used)
  • 10 tablets of BioGaia Gastrus, crushed or 2 tbsp of L.reuteri yogurt from a previous batch (preferable yoghurt though whey can also be used)
  • Yoghurt maker or instant pot with temperature control
  • Wooden tbsp spoon
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Glass bowl or jar

Long fermentation which is up to 36 hours and in ideal temperature (100?) environment is necessary for maximum proliferation of L. Reuteri bacterial counts in the presence of microorganism food such as prebiotic fibre.

1. Boil the milk in steel pan and allow it to cool at room temperature

2. Crush 10 tablets in mortar and pestle or use 2 tbsp of yoghurt from previous batch

3. Add 2 tbsp of Inulin/potato starch prebiotic fibre to an empty glass bowl

4. Add the crushed tablet or yoghurt starter to prebiotic fibre

5. Add little milk and mix all together to make lump free slurry

6. Pour all milk together and stir with wooden spoon (Glass jar might be more convenient)

7. Pour this mixture to various glass jars and cover the lids

8. Place all jars into yoghurt maker

9. Pour some chlorine free filter water into base of yoghurt maker

10. Set temperature to 100? or 38 ? and timer to 36 hours

11. Once timer is off place all the yoghurt jars into fridge for 5-6 hours to have more thicker and consistent yoghurt

12. Strain the water (whey) for first time making as it will not be very thick and these water can be stored in small BPA free sealed glass container inside freezer for later use. This can be stored up to 1 year

13. Make your favourite recipe from yoghurt and enjoy like adding various fruits, Buttermilk, Raita, fruit (mango) lassi,

14. Subsequent batch will be more thicker and consistent with less whey

15. In order to make in coconut milk add 1 tbsp gaur gum and use a coconut milk / cream free from coconut oil

Notes: Recipe reference from Dr. William Davis (Author of “Wheat Belly” series)