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All kind of relationships has their challenges. When it comes to a marital or romantic relationship, it becomes more challenging to deal with. It takes a lot to build a healthy and sustainable relationship with your partner. This blog post is for you if, you are struggling in your relationship irrespective of the fact, that it is new or you both have been together for years.

Is Love Enough For A Relationship To Sustain?

What makes two individuals come together, to live together, and to share a life? Well, the answer would be LOVE as we all have grown up watching romantic movies, and the most common dialogue we have been heard a lot of time, “your love is enough to me, for the rest of my life”.

But, is love really enough for the couple to spend their whole life together? definitely not, it is like you are making a recipe with only one ingredient. how it would taste like? you can imagine!

What Make a Relationship Healthy?

In every relationship, people come closer for different reasons, such as love, care, affection, emotional dependence, etc. Interestingly, there is no manual book available to tell you about the expiry date or any other instructions, how to deal with every situation you will come across in the future.

A relationship is built and grows with time, it’s not like once you get into it will never end. No, you will have to nurture it, water it, and protect it in any circumstances, and it is a constant process where both partners should put equal effort to make their bond happier, healthier, stronger, and sustainable.

You can find a hundred ways to stay connected. Here are sharing some tips that can help you to keep your relationship healthy:

1. Communication is The Key
  • Communication is the fundamental key of any relationship, It makes you feel more connected and happy. When people stop communicating, they start assuming and from there the misunderstanding starts. In a healthy relationship, it is most important to talk to each other, to express well to avoid any confusion.
  • Be attentive & listen carefully, for healthy communication listening is also equally important. It makes the other person a sense of understood and helps to build a stronger connection. So next time, when your partner, discuss anything with you, try to listen not just hear.
2. Build A Bond of Trust
  • Trust is like the oxygen of any relationship, It is a basic foundation that needs to be strong enough to survive any condition. A sense of trust and to be trusted gives you and the other person security. You can not imagine a relationship without trust.
  • Again, trust is built and grows with time, It is the responsibility of both the partner to keep their promises and word. make sure that, there should not be any difference in words and deeds.
3. Make a Routine Together and Follow It
  • It may be sound simple, but it is a very effective way to make your bond stronger.
  • In today’s fast forward life, it is very crucial to keep one thing unchanged and certain. it gives you inner peace, self-care is extremely essential.
  • When you follow a set routine every day. You both will find more connected and you will never be short of time to discuss or communicate if you both are following a set routine.
4. Make Memories Together And Cherish Them
  • Initially, all the couples are more into love, spent hours just chatting, find ways to surprise each other, celebrate little things. However as time goes by, we are stuck in family responsibilities, work pressure and other commitments.
  • Life is like this, we will never get free time, we will have to grab time in the busy schedule. Make a habit to spend some quality time together on a regular basis and make sure that it is a gadget-free time,
  • Plan a vacation at least once a year, try new things that you both enjoy doing together.
5. Stay Connected
  • In today’s digital era, it is very easy to connect with the rest of the world including your partner. There must be a lot of messages that have been exchanged between both of you, about groceries, vegetables, parent’s meeting reminders and endless topics.
  • Did you remember, when you last texted a sweet, romantic message/mail to your partner? this little act can make your day shinier for both of you.
6. Take It Easy, Show Some Patience
  • Every person is unique, different people react to every situation differently. Do not judge your partner, have some patience, give some space and time to the other person and talk politely if you have some concerns.
7. Appreciation and Gratitude
  • Thankfulness might be a key to a healthy relationship, it is important to show each other, how much you values the other person.
  • Acknowledge the small efforts he/she is putting in to make the relationship work, your partner will feel appreciated and more valued.
8. Give A Space To Each Other
  • A healthy relationship means when two people live together, sharing their emotions without any hesitation, setting their goals together, giving and respecting each other space selflessly.
9. Respectfully Sort Out The Conflicts
  • Conflicts and clashes are inevitable in any relationship, healthy conflicts, strengthen the relationship. Don’t make the win is your ultimate goal, It doesn’t mean that you should compromise with your self-respect but don’t drag a year old argument in the current situation.
  • Everyone knows when to talk but learning when to stop, is important. Sometimes it is wise to let something go and not to stretch fight unnecessary just to prove your point
10. Honesty Is The Best Policy
  • Being honest with your partner is key for a healthy relationship to thrive.
  • Always stand on the truth, each lie dilutes your bond with your partner.
  • Remember, action speaks louder than words, make sure your actions match your words.
11. Maintain Equality
  • Equality is something extremely crucial for a healthy relationship, treat your relationship like a partnership, where both the partners are equally treated.
  • Equality can be defined in many ways, For instance:
    • Decision making
    • Parenting
    • Household chores
    • Finance
    • Intimacy

Bottom Line

To conclude, I would add, for a healthy relationship always remember that no one is perfect. Accept your partner with his/her mistakes. End of the day what is important is compatibility and that develops with time and trust.

What would happen is not in our hands, but how we respond that matters. So keep rooting your relationship with love, respect, care, and endless support. It is a lifelong learning process. Don’t forget, every cloud has a silver lining.